It’s a brave new world for Queensland’s hotels from the Coast to the Cape and Cloncurry, as pubs of all types commence business in a way they never could have envisaged.

While State Government restrictions in the easing phases of lockdown impose challenges across many facets of operations, one thing to celebrate is that Keno is now available again.

Patrons are permitted to easily and safely purchase Keno from all locations where terminals are accessible within a hotel without restriction, once Keno has been reactivated by the venue.

For venues that have not yet reactivated Keno, it’s as simple as following the re-opening instructions and completing the Keno Re-opening Checklist, after which Keno will be activated within one business day. Scroll down to reactivate Keno now.

However, there are some guidelines and safety practices pubs need to follow to ensure compliance with the latest government advice.

Most notably, to comply with current health restrictions, Keno caddies and stationery should not be displayed in any front of house areas until further notice to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Instead, it is recommended that venues provide customers with their own Keno stationery from stock held in a back of house area.

But this safety precaution won’t hinder customers from accessing Keno or your staff from offering it.

“There are four very easy ways your pub can offer Keno to your patrons and be fully compliant with government guidelines and keep customers safe,” explains Keno General Manager Terry Fowler.

“The easiest is for patrons to simply use your Keno Self Service Terminal or an operator terminal, where they can either use a Keno game card to place their bet or give their bet verbally to the operator.

“Your staff is also permitted to offer and provide your customers with Keno game cards, and staff can even take the card up to the operator terminal to purchase the ticket on behalf of the customer.”

Fowler also notes that it’s an ideal time for hotels to explore using Keno’s free Bistro Kit wallets, which include all the things customers need to fill out a game card – and make it a breeze for staff to offer Keno via table service.

“Keno has always been a game that customers love to play while waiting for a meal to come out or as part of the fun of dining out with family or friends.

“With caddies not being placed on tables, it’s a great opportunity for your staff to introduce customers to the game by providing them with Bistro Kits after they’ve been seated.

“These restrictions have highlighted just how important it is that we work together to adapt and promote safe work practices consistent with advice from the relevant health authorities so we can all keep operating and keep our customers safe,” says Fowler.

Scroll down to learn more about the four ways in which your venue can offer Keno to your customers.

For further updates about Keno, please visit Keno Connect or, if you can’t find the information you need on Keno Connect or have venue-specific questions, please email us at

For further enquiries, contact the Keno Service Support Centre on 1800 061 061, or email at


The following steps must be completed to re-enable Keno in your venue, and ensure regulatory compliance of Keno, within your venue:

  1. Download the Keno Re-opening Checklist by clicking here.
  2. Complete the checklist in full, acknowledging that some tasks may need to be completed once your venue has been switched on.
  3. Once complete, take a photo or scan the first page only (venue acknowledgement) of your completed checklist.
  4. Upload the scanned first page of the checklist by logging onto Keno Connect and click on the 'Submit Re-opening Checklist'

*If you are having difficulty submitting your checklist on Keno Connect, you can email the checklist to Upon successful completion of the checklist, your venue will be activated within 1 business day. Venues who do not complete the checklist will not be switched on until the above steps have been fulfilled. Critically, and as part of the re-opening checklist, the following must be completed and observed:

  • At least one screen in your dining area presenting the Keno game;
  • Ensure all government and Keno regulations and compliance signage is on display and visible (new stickers for your Keno Touch terminal/s is in the mail);
  • Every Keno operator must have a writer number to use the terminal. Writer numbers can be changed/added/deleted through the venue profile page on Keno Connect;
  • Keno hardware is operational;
  • Direct debit forms are in place and active;
  • The continuing licensee is the same licensee as prior to the government-mandated Covid-19 shutdown (22 March).

During the re-opening period, there are four key convenient ways in which venues can offer Keno to their customers and remain compliant with current restrictions.

  1. Using Keno Game Cards

Keno can be sold by either providing customers with a Keno Game Card (on request) for them to select their chosen game and numbers. Despite Keno stationery not being made available, venue staff are allowed to offer and provide customers with Keno stationery to fill in a Keno Game card. Keno Bistro Kit wallets are an ideal way to supply your customers with all they need to fill out a Keno Game Card. Bistro Kits are available free of charge from the Keno stationery ordering website. Click here.

  1. Via Keno Terminals

Keno can be safely purchased by customers in your venue from all locations where terminals are accessible without restriction. This includes both the Keno Self Service Terminal or operator terminal/s.  All Keno terminals should be cleaned regularly and preferably after each user on the Self Service Terminal. Read through our cleaning guidelines click here to learn more.

  1. Taking verbal bets

Customers are free to place a Keno bet verbally by attending a Keno operator terminal in an unrestricted area of the venue. Then, while maintaining social distancing measures, can announce their bet to the Keno operator to process on the terminal. Verbal bets are easy to process, we have created some guides for each bet type in the Toolkit > Re-opening Keno section of Keno Connect. Click here.

  1. Offering Keno table service

Your venue can take an order from a customer to purchase a Keno ticket. The role of the Keno 'Runner' is to provide Keno service while the customer remains at the table. For more details, refer to our venue guide on using a Keno Runner by clicking here.