Bundaberg Rum comes to the aid of the hospitality industry with a $11.5 million relief fund

How good is this? Bloody beautiful we reckon. Bundaberg Rum has announced the creation of ‘Raising the Bar’, an $11.5 million fund to support Australia’s pubs as they commence their rebuild following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Licensed venues throughout Australia, regardless of whether they’re a Bundaberg Rum or Diageo stockist, can apply for support, as part of a two-year program rolling out from this July.

Pre-COVID-19 it is estimated Australian pubs, clubs and bars employed more than 500,000 Australians and contributed $17.2 billion in revenue. ‘Raising the Bar’ is a direct response from Diageo to support jobs in our industry and assist the recovery. Indeed the announcement is part of a broader commitment by Bundaberg Rum’s parent company Diageo to invest US$100 million globally in ‘Raising the Bar’ programs that will support venues as they recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Managing Director at Diageo Australia, Angus McPherson, said: “Our hospitality industry sits at the heart of our community and Australian culture. The joy of being able to connect with friends and family down at the ‘local’ has been sorely missed throughout this pandemic, while the economic impact on the industry has been unprecedented.

“Many in the hospitality industry are small businesses that employ thousands across the country and as we start to recover and rebuild, Bundaberg Rum wants to stand by their side and support them in getting back on their feet just like any Australian would do for a mate.”

This initiative has been applauded by both Government and industry alike. Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick recently stated, “Bundaberg Rum, through their parent company Diageo, stepped up for Queensland when we needed it most, generously donating 100,000 litres of ethanol to produce hand sanitiser to ensure our front-line workers were kept safe at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Queensland.

“Once again, Bundaberg Rum has proven their commitment with the ‘Raising the Bar’ recovery fund for Australia’s hospitality sector, which has been so hard hit by the pandemic.

Thank you Bundaberg Rum. Thank you Diageo.

QHA members can register their interest for ‘Raising the Bar’ funding at diageobaracademy.com.