As well as being a stand-alone industry Association in Queensland, the Queensland Hotels Association also functions as a State Branch of the Australian Hotels Association at a national level. In effect, there are two 'organisations' in one, with a separate set of rules for both the QHA and the Australian Hotels Association (Queensland Branch), with office holders being appointed to both bodies, and two separate sets of Rules.


This arrangement reflects our history, as the formation of the QHA and its predecessors dates back to 1885, well before the Australian Hotels Association emerged as a coherent national entity. Similarly, hotel industry associations were formed in other Colonies and States independently, and it was not until relatively recent times that an AHA National Office was established in Canberra, to lobby the Federal Government on hotel industry issues and policies, and to coordinate hotel industry efforts on a national basis.


The AHA National Office is located at 24 Brisbane Avenue, Barton, ACT, and the governing council is formed by delegates from each of the State Branches of the AHA. The number of delegates to the AHA Board is determined proportionately by the population of respective States. The Presidents of each State Branch, together with the President of the National Accommodation Division, constitute the AHA National Executive which meets regularly to provide leadership and direction to the National Office between annual meetings of the AHA National Board. The QHA works cooperatively with the National Office of the AHA and other State Branches of the AHA with a view to developing consistent, and coherent national policies on a wide range of industry issues, including industry training, regulation, accommodation and tourism policy, and harm minimisation. One limitation on this practice is that liquor and gaming regulation is the province of the State Legislatures, and there are differences of emphasis and interpretation across the States – thus the ongoing need for State hotel industry Associations to provide advice, services and representation on a State basis.