As professional advocates for the accommodation sector of the hotel industry, the QHA advises and represents members on matters including tourism legislation, marketing strategy, risk management and airline regulation.  We specifically deal with the following types of comprehensive issues including:
• Tourism legislation, promotion and funding at both the state and national levels
• Assisting members to improve occupancy and yield
• Building codes, including building fire and safety legislation
• Disability discrimination and other access legislation
• Taxation issues
• Various local government policies, especially in relation to rates and zoning
• Provides a strong and united industry voice to the media on all issues that affect accommodation hotels
• Risk management
• Airline industry regulation and airport services
• Access Industry Grants Programs and tourism funding
• Staff and tourist visa requirements and
• A range of issues which impact on tourism and accommodation providers such as public transport, infrastructure and events management.
The Division keeps a “watchful eye” on all of these issues and is well equipped to respond in a timely manner if anything looks like causing a negative impact on the members.  This response may include lobbying government, seeking support from other interested parties and preparing submissions outlining the industry’s concerns.

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