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Since 1885. That’s how long the QHA has been serving the hospitality industry.

And ever since that time, we have, in every sense, been working for the greater good of the hotel, tourism, and hospitality sector. 

Over the course of this lengthy tenure, the QHA has become the trusted source of support, knowledge, training, and development for their members.

We have become the first point of call for the ever-changing demands on member businesses for all manner of things, from government regulatory changes regarding licensing and gaming, right through to rising energy costs, environmental impacts, live music, trading hours, tourism trends, and noise constraints.

The QHA is an association in every sense, and creates opportunities for members to get together and exchange the very best of ideas. So we encourage you to reach out to us, attend our events, train yourselves and your staff, provide feedback, and suggest new ideas.

We have always been here to help.

QHA president Bernie


With each bringing their own unique set of hospitality experiences to the table, our valued and passionate board members are the driving forces behind the QHA, and make all of the good we do for the industry possible.

Working Together With AHA

Australian Hotels Association

As well as being a stand-alone industry association in Queensland, the QHA also functions as a state branch of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) at a national level.

This arrangement reflects our history, as the formation of the QHA and its predecessors dates back to 1885 – well before the AHA emerged as a coherent national entity.

The QHA works cooperatively with the national office of the AHA and other state branches to develop consistent and coherent national policies on a wide range of industry issues, including industry training, accommodation and tourism policies, regulation, and harm minimisation.


QHA what we do counts

We are passionate about our great state and the places in which our members operate, which is why we are always looking at implementing campaigns that are all about supporting our venues.

Warm Venue

In addition to encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol and gambling, this campaign urges both venues and patrons to have a courteous, respectful, helpful, responsible, and kind demeanour through a short, sharp message that can be easily recalled:

W elcoming
A ttentive and here to assist.
R espectful and responsible.
M anners matter.

This one short acronym encapsulates everything our member venues and customers should aspire to be. Just as staff should be respectful to patrons, patrons should be respectful to staff.

Come A-Waltzing Queensland

Venture across the land,
empty swag in hand,
fill it up as you go,
and spread some dough,
support your mates
across this great state,
embody the Queensland spirit,
and get behind those communities
ravaged by drought, flood and fire.
Come a-waltzing Queensland.

During the pandemic there were many great campaigns encouraging Australians to holiday at home. Here at the QHA, we too were keen to encourage the support of our members.

Inspired by the tune of Winton and Banjo Paterson’s Waltzing Matilda, this campaign called upon Queenslanders to roam, spend up, and support their mates at a time when the pandemic, flash flooding, drought, and fire were weighing heavily on our state’s local venues.

The pandemic may have passed, but the merits of this campaign still hold true.