Accolade Wines has collaborated with UK-based eco, flat bottle packaging company Garçon Wines with the intent of introducing their environmentally friendly bottles across several of its brands.

The Hardys brand within the Accolade stable is set to be the first wine bottled in the “groundbreaking” flat-plastic bottles. Several other Accolade New World wine brands have been earmarked to follow in the not too distant future.

The bottles are made entirely of recycled PET, pre-existing material not single-use plastic. As a result, they are considerably lighter whilst also being spatially and energy efficient across their whole life cycle from production to transport and recycling. This significantly reduces carbon emissions and logistics costs from the entire wine supply chain. It is for this reason Garçon Wines’ flat wine bottle has won countless awards for sustainability, innovation and design, most recently at the World Beverage Innovation Awards and the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe in 2019.

With its recent success in the UK, Garçon Wines is now eyeing expansion into the Oceania region with its sustainable wine packaging solutions.

Garçon Wines CEO and co-founder Santiago Navarro was recently quoted as saying Australia can lay claim to the two “most significant” wine packaging innovations in the last two centuries – wine casks and screw cap lids – with the new flat bottle expected to be welcomed by the region.

“Our existing collaboration in the UK and Europe with Accolade Wines, the second biggest wine company in Australia, gives us further motivation to enter this important wine market with production and sales, not long after our entrance to the US earlier in 2020,” said Navarro.