The Pub and Bar Gift Card and The Restaurant Gift Card have launched exclusively in Woolworths at a time when the hospitality industry needs it the most.

The Card Network, in partnership with the Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) , the Australian Hotels Association (ACA), The Restaurant and Catering Association (RCA), and Woolworths, has launched a collection of gift cards that can be redeemed at any pub, bar or restaurant across Australia that accepts eftpos – that’s over 20,000 hospitality venues Australia wide, and more specifically more than 900 hotels across Queensland.

Unlike any other gift card syndicate on the market that has a limited number of participating venues, The Pub and Bar Gift Card is extensive. The cards are also commission free for vendors – making it a win for the venue and a win for the hospitality industry.

“By partnering with Woolworths, Australia’s largest gift card sales channel, we’re able to make it convenient for Aussies to get behind their favourite hotels, restaurants and bars at a time when many hospitality businesses are trying to get back on their feet. This is more than a short term initiative; this is about providing long term value,” says The Card Network co-founder, Nick Sims.

The Pub and Bar Gift Card and The Restaurant Gift Card are available in denominations of $50 or $100 at Woolworths nationally or via TCN’s online store. A digital card can also be purchased online and added to a mobile wallet to ‘tap & pay’ with Apple Pay or Android Pay. Both gift cards have a three-year expiry from date of purchase.

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