Thank you to the hoteliers and QHA partners who attended the Rockhampton Region Hoteliers Meeting at the Leichhardt Hotel Rockhampton in February and special thanks to PFD for their support in providing canapes for attendees to network after the forum. We hope all attendees were able to receive information from the forum which will assist in the running of their businesses throughout 2020.

*the following content was published prior to trading restrictions and event cancellations


Many hotels will be looking to host two-up games in their venues on ANZAC Day but remember you must receive written approval by an RSL sub-branch and the following conditions are to be adhered to:

  • people aged under 18 must not play two-up
  • no commission can be charged on money wagered
  • all money wagered in the game must be returned to players as winnings
  • if an entry fee is charged for those who participate in the game, the money raised is to be donated to the RSL or RSL sub-branch to support ex-service men and women and their families (this could be through an association such as Legacy)
  • money raised from entry fees must not be used for administrative purposes.

The QHA can assist members with a template letter for seeking RSL sub-branch written approval to conduct two-up and can provide information on ANZAC Day trading conditions.


With the Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays approaching many hoteliers will be looking to advertise upcoming events and promotions at their venues, so it is always timely to remind you of the legislated restrictions in place for external advertising.

The Liquor Act states;

Section 142ZZC (1)(a) to (c) prohibit a licensee or permittee from advertising, or allowing anyone to advertise:

(a) the availability of the following for consumption on the licensee’s licensed premises or the premises to which the permittee’s permit relates (each the advertised premises)

  • free liquor
  • multiple quantities of liquor; for example - 2 drinks for the price of 1.

(b) the sale price of liquor for consumption on the advertised premises; or

(c) a promotion that is likely to indicate to an ordinary person the availability of liquor, for consumption on the advertised premises, at a price less than that normally charged for the liquor. Examples of promotions for (c) include:

  • ‘happy hours’
  • ‘all you can drink’
  • ‘toss the boss’.

In accordance with s142ZZC(2), a person does not contravene s142ZZC(1) if:

(a) the advertising happens only within the advertised premises; and

(b) the advertisement is not visible or audible to a person who is outside the advertised premises.

The QHA can check your advertising before you post it to social media or your web applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice in this regard.