Quite a few tasty brews in our pick this month.


BentSpoke Brewing Co. 
Never disappoints. In my top five independent breweries in Australia. An aroma of passionfruit and pine makes way for delicate resinous notes and a taste of passionfruit, blood orange, pineapple, pine and hints of peach. Combined with the toffee malt bill, it is almost a liquid version of marmalade. A super smooth drop on the sweeter side with a light bitterness.



BentSpoke Brewing Co. 
A deep, dark, indulgent stout that’s perfectly paired with gelatinous lamb shanks followed by Old Gold Cherry Ripe dark chocolate. It is absolutely guaranteed you won’t be moving much after this but you will be full to the bull and content, your mouth coated in the thick syrupy liquid and your soul soaring thanks to the haze inducing 10 per cent ABV. You will enjoy the full effect of a superb stout aged in bourbon barrels for 12 months that allows the vanilla and whisky characters to swim  around your brain


Your Mates Brewing Co. 
Honestly can’t believe this is a mid-strength because this malty lager is a cracker Macca. Indeed there is nothing better than a refreshing crisp, clean, malt lager at the end of a warm day and Spring is almost here (well it will be by the time you read this).


Akasha Brewing Company
Beautiful brew. I am becoming quite addicted to these black ale IPAs and this is a cracking rendition of one. Taste of tropical fruit, citrus and pine with a roasted dark malt backbone just make this such an enjoyable drop. I can’t speak highly enough of this beer


Brendale Brewing Company
What you expect of a good solid stout. Not over the top and not too adventurous, just the juicy thick dark velvety liquid you can enjoy around a fire. Best to slip on a pair of velvet tracksuit pants to complete the mood. This one is oh so cosy.


Moon Dog Craft Brewery
The girls in the office loved the can and I loved the beer. My wife makes a beautiful dark chocolate caramel slice with a biscuit base and this was just like it in a liquid version and equally as addictive. There’s a lively bitterness as well which just adds to the complexity and appeal. Sensational.


Stockade Brew Co. 
Light grainy malt flavour with an ever so faint taste of red apple. It is far more interesting than your run of the mill beers and worthy of buying a carton. It also serves as a nice complement to strong hop forward beers, an  “in-between cleansing ale” if you wish.


Deep Creek Brewing Company
A tricky one to describe. It says on the can, it is “a strong, gentle brew” and to be honest this oxymoron is an incredibly accurate description. The beer hangs heavy on your tastebuds yet is so light and silky smooth with a flavour profile of mango and pawpaw that just gradually builds and builds. First class IPA and very cool artwork by Fredrik Lansen on the can. Pleasing to see brewers valuing and crediting artists who contribute to the overall presentation of their brand.



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