It’s very apparent that Queenslanders have really missed the hospitality industry.

In recent months, as hospitality venues have reopened, many reserved tables have been maxed out and hotels and accommodation booked up across the state.

We’re all relishing the chance to eat out and visit new places away from home!

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s just how much the hospitality industry contributes not only to our economy, but also to our sense of community. It’s not just the food, the drinks or the exceptional service.

This wonderful industry gives Australians a chance to catch up with the important people in their lives, to celebrate the major milestones and to keep in touch with the larger community.

The impacts of COVID-19 have had similar effects on many aspects of our lives. The consequences of lockdowns mean that we’re all looking at everyday things with a new appreciation. Intrust Super has seen this first-hand in the perception of superannuation among many hospitality staff. Super has become more tangible and real. Many of your staff understand it more, they might know how much they have, and what fund they’re with. More importantly, they understand the importance of super as a financial asset.

This month, superannuation statements will be starting to hit inboxes, and I imagine your staff will be looking at their balance with renewed interest. They might notice that the value of their super has dropped. This could be a result of several factors related to the pandemic. Some of your staff may have made the difficult decision to withdraw due to financial hardship.

For many, this was a necessary step to help them survive through the shutdown period and beyond, but the impact on retirement savings could be significant. The market volatility may have had an impact on their balances as well. Some staff may now be feeling concerned about their ability to rebuild their retirement savings after the pandemic.

We believe that all hospitality workers should have the opportunity to understand their super and improve their financial outcomes. Intrust Super is offering a free Super Health Check for all QHA members’ staff, regardless of their current super fund. The Super Health Check will consider fees, review investments and check insurance cover.

These health checks are completely free, and your staff can organise a time with our team that suits them directly. If you’d like us to arrange this service for your staff, please get in touch – just email Now more than ever, Intrust  Super is at your service.


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