We have travelled the world in search of a few good beer and found that may be of interest...

Bridge Road Brewers

Caramel malts, marmalade and pine hop notes. Bling has a moderately sweet malt base with a pine hop bitter finish. It leans more towards the traditional English style IPAs.



Deschutes Brewery

A citrus and grapefruit explosion beautifully balanced with caramel malts. This bold bitter West Coast style IPA is quite possibly one of the best I have ever tasted, which is somewhat surprising considering it has travelled so far. If we ever get to travel again, I will be sure to one day visit this Portland Brewery.




Sierra Nevada

When you brew stout this well you don’t need to do anything too out of the ordinary. This brewery is friggin amazing. You are guaranteed to get a great beer out from Sierra Nevada without fail, every time. Super big roast malt flavours, rich dark chocolate, hint of coffee, and then some earthy hops to add an interesting touch of spice. Superb.




Palm Belgian Craft Brewers

Another international brewery I had not encountered before and thank goodness I now have. Indeed, I would consider this easy drinking Belgium beauty quite dangerous. It is that smooth with a unique mild caramel and honey-like mellowness that it is incredibly moreish. Wow.




It certainly lives up to its name. A chocolate and malt aroma make way for dark chocolate, cookies, some coffee, cacao, dark fruit and a dry bitterness. You can truly taste this stout has been made using real dark chocolate and rich chocolate malts.




La Parisienne

Nice citrusy, wheaty sourness with a clean finish from this Belgian white ale. There is a discreet spiciness and fresh mouth feel that make this drop quite sublime. La Parisienne was born at the beginning of the craft beer boom in Paris and is still proudly independently owned.




Maisel's Weisse

Smooth, crisp and clean with delicate hits of banana, clove and spice. What you would expect from a good weissebier. Would definitely have again.







Rich, hoppy beer is what it says on the label and that is what it delivers. Reportedly, Young’s Special London Ale is the UK’s No.1 bottle conditioned ale. It is an unpasteurised, living beer, matured in the bottle without artificial carbonation, so the only fizz is the natural effervescence created by fermentation. The taste is that of dark dried fruit, toast, malt and spice with an oily mouthfeel. Beautiful.



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