Keno is helping your customers find their numbers with a fresh, creative campaign featuring tentacled brand ambassador, Ken the Kraken, that will run from 18 April until September.

Digital and other in-venue assets have been created to tell your customers about the My Keno Numbers platform, which generates customers’ own personalised, set of numbers.

The video sees Ken dive deep into his mind to help his mates pick their numbers for a group game of Keno and, as with the previous campaign, the Keno game card features in the outdoor creative.

The focus on numbers is designed to help more players into the game and keep Keno top-of-mind, in that any number customers see might prompt a thought to play.

“Keno is the game that makes a good time great, but new and casual players can be put off by a perceived complexity,” says Keno’s Head of Brand Marketing, Scott Colvin

“The idea is that when people see different numbers in your hotel, at home, on the street, in a cab or at work, it’s a little trigger to think, ‘That’s going on my Keno ticket’,” says Colvin.

The campaign will run on Catch-up TV, online video, social and digital media, as well as via in -venue and a range of outdoor executions.

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