Tabcorp has an ongoing commitment to deliver its products responsibly and training plays a big part in ensuring everyone understands their obligations before operating TAB equipment and/or selling TAB products and services.
There are some training changes coming from September for all TAB operators.
Tabcorp will be introducing a new single e-learning retail compliance training program called TAB Compliance Training, which will replace the AML/CTF training and TAB Fundamentals training that operators currently complete. 
New operators will need to complete the TAB Compliance Training program before they start operating TAB equipment.
If you’re already trained in AML/CTF, you will need to complete the new retail TAB Compliance Training program when your next training refresher is due.
Further information will be provided by Tabcorp to help you understand these training changes, otherwise you can contact your Tabcorp wagering sales executive if you have any questions.