Covid-19 will certainly bring about a number of changes to our industry and the way customers order could be about to change.

Uorda has developed a Covid-Safe mobile ordering service to help support pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels comply with Social Distancing Requirements.

Social Distancing within venues is certainty going to be here to stay for quite some time which will limit the volume of food and beverages that can be sold.

Uorda's Order at table platform allows your customers to place and pay for their orders without having to leave their seat and get too close to other patrons and staff.

It will also remove the need for customers to handle physical paper menus and the printing costs involved in providing disposable menus.

The platform doesn't require your customers to download an app resulting in easy, instant access to your digital menu for everyone with a smartphone. Uorda also has no additional hardware requirements.


  • A digital menu that sits inside your customer's phone with high quality images of your food and beverages
  • Reduce the line of people crowded together at the bar
  • Increase the volume of orders placed
  • Consistently upsell on every single order
  • Remove the unnecessary friction involved in the current ordering process
  • Create greater labour efficiencies
  • More flexibility with your menu
  • Easy access to the platform via a QR code scan on the customer's phone camera app requiring NO additional hardware

Where to Apply Uorda?

  • At the Table - customers order and pay without having to leave their seat and line up
  • At the Poker Machines - place a QR code on each machine and simplify the ordering process for your staff and customers
  • Online Ordering - attract customer orders for takeaway via your website and social media profiles

QHA Member Offer

QHA and Uorda have partnered together to provide a special QHA member’s offer until January 2021.

This includes:

  • No set up fees
  • Lifetime - No monthly or annual subscription fees
  • Lifetime - No lock in contracts
  • Commission – 1.4% (normally 2%) + Merchant Fee
  • QHA Members Offer lasts until January 2021

Find out more here

How to get Started?

Uorda has waived all sign-up fees and costs so it is free to join. They will also complete your entire menu and account set up for you.

Please contact Chris Toovey on 0448 504 121 for further information or find out more here