Designated outdoor smoking areas (DOSA’s) 

We have received many questions from members regarding whether drinks can be taken into a DOSA.

The QHA can confirm a patron may take their drink into the DOSA however this should not result in them being in that area for any longer than it takes for them to have their smoke.

Food or drink cannot be served into a DOSA, and smoking laws prohibit patrons from taking food into a DOSA.

Under Stage 2, licensed venues can only operate their DOSAs if:

  • they are only used for the purpose of smoking – smokers should return to the seat in their allocated defined area as soon as they have finished smoking
  • no more than one person per four square metres is permitted in the DOSA
  • social distancing is observed
  • existing smoking laws are complied with.

DOSA’s cannot be designated areas (a ‘pod’ up to 20 patrons) as you can’t be served drink into a DOSA or consume food, and a patron cannot get their drink from the bar and return. You can have other outdoor areas as a defined area (pod of up to 20) with a 2m buffer between the DOSA and any other areas – as has always been the case.


Ordering and payment 

QHA also confirms that patrons may go to the bar/bistro/point-of-sale (POS) for the purpose of:

  • Making payments (for food and beverage orders) where a venue only has payment available at the bar, e.g. no wireless EFTPOS, transactions requiring pin number authorisation
  • Ordering, payment and collection of food and/or beverage for take-away sales
  • Bar POS transactions on KENO terminals
  • Bar POS transactions on TAB wagering terminals
  • Seated at the bar consuming food and/or drinks - there must be 1.5 metres to the next patron and patrons must not be seated next to serving areas or payment areas.

The food and beverage should be brought to the table by staff (table service).


Documents you must display 

If you are operating under an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan, you must display a completed Statement of Compliance in a visible location.

You do not need to display the whole 32 page Hotels and Clubs Industry COVID Safe Plan, but should have it available if asked by an enforcement officer – this can be done electronically via the following link:

Venues implement the aspects of the plan as applicable to their individual businesses via the QHA Checklists and resources:



All venues must collect and keep contact information for ALL guests and staff attending their venue. The following information for each person must be recorded and retained for a period of 56 days:

  • name
  • address
  • mobile phone number
  • date/time

Collecting the date and time of patronage is a new requirement of the Chief Health Officer’s Direction, introduced from Tuesday 16 June.


Privacy and accuracy

These records must be complete and accurate, as they are critical for health authorities to contact trace efficiently if a person subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19 attended your venue. Ensure there is sufficient supervision of patrons entering their correct details.

Be mindful of patron privacy – ensure details of unrelated groups are not visible to each other. If using a master sign-in sheet cover the details of previous entries.