Good Friday affects trading hours of Queensland licensed premises. Extra restrictions on serving alcohol and operating gaming machines apply on the Thursday evening before Good Friday and on Good Friday.

The restrictions are provided under the Liquor Act 1992 (Qld).


Trading on the day before Good Friday

On the Thursday before Good Friday (Good Friday Eve), the sale and supply of alcohol must stop at midnight. Patrons have until 12.30am to finish their drinks. This applies even if you have approved extended trading hours that usually allow for later trading (on Fridays).

All gaming machines at hotels and clubs must also stop at midnight on Good Friday Eve.

Alcohol sales on Good Friday

On Good Friday, you can sell and supply liquor from 10am to midnight, but only with a meal, in a part of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining. The meal must be prepared, served and eaten on the premises.

(Note: A meal is food that can be eaten with cutlery while seated— for example, roast beef with vegetables, lasagne, a stir-fry or a curry with rice. It is not light takeaway food like snacks, hot chips, an entree or kid's meal.)

Patrons can buy alcohol to drink with their meal from 1 hour before to 1 hour after eating their meal.

You cannot sell takeaway alcohol on Good Friday.

Gambling on Good Friday

Gambling at hotels and clubs is not permitted on Good Friday.

Easter Sunday and Monday trading

Your ordinary trading hours apply on Easter Sunday and Monday (and Saturday), without restriction.