With the state borders opening and the holiday season around the corner, venues are seeing an influx of travellers and locals alike.

With this, competition for new business is increasing as pubs and clubs try to find unique ways to attract patrons from the new crowds and returning customers.

So how has Parkhurst Tavern promoted their venue beyond the obvious revamped menu, food and drinks selection?

Like any other venue, they know the days of your local watering hole being a blokes club are long gone. They are fully aware they want the punters. But they need to cater to the punter’s kids too!

You’ve seen the problem. Kids get bored. Kids can’t sit still.

The parents get up to leave and don’t come back.

But it’s the pubs that welcome families with a play area that has the parents coming back. The kids can have fun before and after their meal and it gives the adults a chance to talk, eat and drink while kicking back.

The truth is parents LOVE a place where their kids are occupied making a good pub near them with a play area worth its weight in gold! Am I right?

With a new playground upgrade in place from Rhinoplay, Parkhurst Tavern is actively welcoming families and kids while broadening their appeal to a larger range of customers.

Simply look at the engagement they’ve had from the community about the new install.

59 reactions, 79 comments and 13 shares!

This is 10x more than their average post receives and showing the community engaging with comments actively making plans to visit the pub.

The new install includes a three-level structure of tunnels, a viewing bubble, rope bridge and a slide that is sure to let the kids blow off steam while mum and dad sit in the sunny beer garden or enjoy their schooners and vino.

Customers can now attend the venue, have an adult conversation in relative peace and not be overrun with excited children. Families now have a reason to bring their kids to a pub that’s less stressful as the kids can have fun while the parents do too!

Unfortunately, most pubs and clubs don’t know where to start or if a play area would fit their venue….but don’t stress, you don't have to be the local pub that shuns parents from bringing their toddlers and kids.

If you’re ready to make a change and become the ideal location for family-friendly get-togethers, mothers groups, coffee dates and catching up with friends, get in contact with Rhinoplay at https://www.rhinoplay.com.au/contact/

They can help you create a venue designed with families in mind!

Because entertainment and a playground for little people and families is big business.

Click here for more information: rhinoplay.com.au/contact/

Email: Will.Tinetti@Rhinoplay.com.au    Phone: 0402 847 325