Our WARM venues campaign to be promoted across the state is about fostering respect from both patrons and co-workers. This starts with acknowledging that in Queensland venues, everyone should feel welcome to be themselves, to feel comfortable in a work and social environment where everyone gets treated equally. WARM represents the true meaning of hospitality which is being hospitable to one another! This applies to staff and customers alike and is a two way street. The acronym WARM stands for and represents the following qualities:

WELCOMING. Our hotels are places where staff and patrons want to be. As the theme song from the classic bar sitcom Cheers goes…’you want to go where everyone knows your name!’ It is an absolute pleasure to have patrons choose to come to our venues.

ATTENTIVE & HERE TO ASSIST. Our venue staff are delighted to serve you. We are in the ‘people business’ and want to anticipate your needs and then exceed them. If there is something we can do to make a customer or another staff member’s experience better we will strive to do it. We are aware that people can have stresses and problems in their lives and we endeavour to provide assistance and appropriate information on support options.

Our venue embraces each person’s differences and all staff and customers are treated equally. Everybody has a responsibility to be aware how they interact with others in a positive way. We also care about our staff and customers and serve our products in a responsible manner in a safe working environment.

MANNERS MATTER. It is a pretty simple statement which underpins most of these aspirations. Polite, courteous and respectful communication is what having manners is all about. May I help you with that. Thank you so much. You are very welcome.

We all know how difficult it has been through recent times but we
have also seen how adversity can bring people together – our state, our local communities, our beloved customers and locals in the venue, and our treasured staff who are front-line workers in the industry of being hospitable!

The QHA will be providing WARM campaign materials available for all venues to access and print.

There will be a range of themes and statements which focus on different aspects of WARM.

Some are staff focussed - back of house and front of house, how you treat your fellow staff and your customers. Customer service and responsible service.

Some are patron focussed – encouraging respectful behaviour between patrons and from patrons to staff. Respectful behaviour and responsible consumption.