New TAB Training Platform for TAB Operators & Managers

Tabcorp has launched a new easy-to-use training platform for all TAB operators across the network. The new platform will make it easier to access and undertake training and provides managers with enhanced reporting to help manage training requirements for their team.

TAB managers and new operators can now easily access the new TAB Training platform by logging in to MyTAB and clicking on a Quick Link through to TAB Training.

Any existing operators will be able to access their training content on the new TAB Training platform from 1 March, once they are assigned any refresher training programs as required for their role.

All MyTAB users will have a seamless connection through to training, meaning one less login for managers and team members to remember. Training is also available on any device, which means training can be accessed on the go.

For TAB managers, all onboarding now takes place through MyTAB, with a ‘Find an Existing MyTAB User’ search feature to look up existing operators. Plus, there is a streamlined ‘Add New Team Member’ form for venue managers to onboard any team members who are new to the TAB retail network.

All training courses are assigned as part of the onboarding process, with a manager no longer needing to nominate their operators for individual training assignments.

Tabcorp is making it easier than ever before for venues to monitor compliance training completion, with a quick overview on a manager’s MyTAB homepage that highlights the venue’s status, and more information on the Team Member page.

For further assistance on the new TAB Training platform, refer to the information on MyTAB or contact your Tabcorp Wagering Sales Executive.