Keno is excited to introduce a fresh way to maximise the Keno game as part of your hotel’s gaming operations.

Kwikpiks have long been a popular way to play Keno and are one of the fastest and easiest ways for both new and existing players to participate in the game.

Keno’s goal is always to support venues to boost Keno sales and customer enjoyment. To assist in achieving this, in 2021, Keno developed a marketing plan with a focus on increasing awareness of Keno and raising engagement with new customers.

Keno identified Kwikpik as a key opportunity to assist with delivering new customers with a positive first-time playing experience with a reasonable chance of winning a prize.


About the Kwikpik pilot

Keno conducted a preliminary trial in December 2020 and found there were opportunities to improve understanding and appeal of Kwipkik for both existing and new players.

Keno developed nine new Kwikpik trial bundles that would attract the attention of new players and reduce first-time play barriers of approachability, fear, and understanding. The bundles, offered by way of dedicated game cards for each bundle, were designed to make the game more attractive to new players and easier for them to navigate into a game of Keno.

These Kwikpiks were trialled in a six-week pilot from late April to early June 2021 across 57 selected venues in New South Wales and Queensland to understand the appeal of the new format and overall user experience when playing. New players loved the simplicity of the game cards.

Venues which piloted the refreshed Kwikpiks and said they would continue offering them gave three key reasons: because they are easy for beginners to play, they are eye-catching, and they increased sales during the period.

Venues reported the main benefit of the new bundles was that when a new player approached a staff member wanting to play Keno, the new Kwikpik game cards serve as a quick and convenient means of getting a new player to engage with the game, with a simple operator instruction to take a card from the dedicated standee and bring it to the Keno counter to play.

Some of the feedback received about the benefits of the new Kwikpik bundles were:

“This was a very easy way to play Keno if you had not played before. We noticed first time players would use this as a learning process and an easy tool to use for Keno.”

“Will appeal to new players as it is easy to use.”

“Easy for customers to grab a tick and play.”

“Easy access to POS and tickets help drive sales.”

“They are easy for all customers to understand and a nice bright colour which draws the eye, entertaining the idea to perhaps play another game or two.”

“It's exciting for the beginners.”

“Entices newcomers to get involved with Keno.”

“We did have an increase in Kwikpik sales likely due to this pilot.”

“Yes, they are a talking point being able to also introduce new keno customers in how to play.”

“Fun and eye catching for our customers.”

“We would like to keep offering the Kwikpik to customers as they are eye catching and easy to use.”

“The display looks good and keeps Keno in peoples’ minds even if not using the stand.”

“As they attract more people to play Keno.”

“It stands out.”

“Offers more exposure.”

“Easy choice and sign up for customers and the display helps attract punters.”


Introducing 4 new Kwikpik game cards

Following the pilot, the Kwikpik game will feature four refreshed bundles. The aim of these new bundles is to deliver a positive first-time player experience and drive new players to the Keno game – creating the pathway for them to engage with Kwikpik and increase participation.

These new Kwikpik bundle game cards offer a pre-set Kwikpik for players to take to the counter to scan and pay.

The new game cards will educate the customer about the Keno game they are playing, what they can win, and how much the ticket will cost. All they need to do is take the card to an operator.

Why only four? Kwikpik will be limited to four options to reduce new player choice and indecision based on too many options.

For affordability, no single Kwikpik will cost more than $5 and, to keep players engaged, none will exceed 15 minutes of play. All will be on multiple games.

The four new Kwikpik game cards are:

  • 15 Minutes of Fun ­– $5 for a chance to win $1,800 in the next 5 games

This bundle gives customers 5 x 6 spot games at a cost of $5

  • 15 Minutes to Dream – $5 for a chance to win $1 million plus in the next 5 games

This bundle gives customers 5 x 10 spot games at a cost of $5

  • 15 Minute Jackpot Dash – $5 for a chance to win $5,000 plus in the next 5 games

This bundle gives customers 5 x 7 spot games at a cost of $5

  • Beginner’s Choice – $5 for a chance to win $120 in the next 5 games

This bundle gives customers 5 x 4 spot games at a cost of $5


Rolling out new Kwikpiks

Keno will roll out the new Kwikpik bundles progressively during late 2021 and the first half of 2022. Keno will be directly in touch with venues to advise them of the distribution plan.

Venues will be supported during this period by their Keno Sales Executive, who will have more information over the coming weeks.


New point of sale

In addition to the new game cards, as part of the pilot, Keno trialled new POS items, including a high-impact standee and A4 and A5 counter cards, which housed the Kwikpik game cards and guided a new user to navigate their way into a game of Keno.

The new POS will encourage and support customers to play Keno as part of their current in-venue journey and experience, without requiring them to go out of their way to engage with existing Keno channels, such as the Keno Touch or Operator.

The intent of these POS items was to locate them within a non-players typical in-venue journey, hence, they weren’t placed at Keno Operator terminals, but rather, in high-traffic locations, such as bar and bistro areas, as well as busy thoroughfares in the venue.

Having POS positioned in areas other than just the operator terminal was a successful tactical means of informing customers as they walked through the venue, acting as a pathway to purchase Keno.

These new POS materials will be tested and reviewed as part of the roll out. Keno will be in contact with venues prior to the deployment of these marketing assets and will assist venues to place them in strategic points to ensure the right message is being served to non-players in the right place.


How do I find out more?

Keno will communicate directly with venues via email prior to the commencement of the Kwikpik roll out.

If your venue would like more information before then, please contact your Keno Sales Executive.