Can patrons order at the bar?

No.  Patrons must not congregate at the bar or stand at the bar to place an order or collect food or drink.

QHA can further advise that there are ‘exceptions’ where patrons may go to the bar/bistro/point-of-sale (POS) for the purpose of:

  • Making payments (for food and beverage orders) where a venue only has payment available at the bar, e.g. no wireless EFTPOS, transactions requiring pin number authorisation
  • Ordering, payment and collection of food and/or beverage for take-away sales
  • Bar POS transactions on KENO terminals
  • Bar POS transactions on TAB wagering terminals
  • Seated at the bar consuming food and/or drinks - there must be 1.5 metres to the next patron and patrons must not be seated next to serving areas or payment areas.

In all the above circumstances strict social distancing is required and no congregation of patrons is allowed.

Remember the 3 ‘SSS’:

  1. Seat – patrons must be seated for dining and/or drinking
  2. Separate – manage social distancing, max 20 per defined area, and keep patrons within their defined area
  3. Serve – serve patrons where they are seated.