Dear Members,

We always acknowledged the inevitability that Queensland would have cases of COVID-19. The State has prepared for this eventuality in line with the Australian Government’s policy of suppression rather than eradication, and as an Industry we are prepared by following our approved Industry COVID Safe Plan.

Although there are restrictions in place in certain Local Government Areas, these are for public gatherings (think parks) and private gatherings in private residence to 10 people maximum. There are also further restrictions on Aged Care and Hospital/Medical Centres. These restrictions do not apply to licensed venues.

Licensed venues and hotels can continue to operate under the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan - there have been no further restrictions or changes imposed on our venues.

We will continue to pass on any information that we receive from Queensland Health or OLGR, however, the best course of actions is for all members to ensure compliance with their COVID Safe Plan.

In this edition you will see the QHA has developed a VENUE COVID-19 POSITIVE CASE RESPONSE & PROTOCOL. The QHA has sought guidance from Queensland Health and Safe Work Australia on the process and protocols which may be required to be followed pending a positive COVID-19 case at a venue.

There are a number of variables which may impact the process including the time an infected person was in a venue; the areas and interactions an infected person may have had in a venue; the degree of cleaning; and timeframes for any closure if required. It is for these reasons that a case-by-case approach is adopted and ultimately the process will be driven and determined by Queensland Health and associated authorities.

What has been clearly established is the following:

  • Contact Tracing information is critical – ensure you are accurately collecting and storing this information for all customers and contractors who visit the premises
  • Cleaning schedules – the ability to demonstrate the venue’s cleaning regime and processes is critical in determining the extent of any required ‘deep clean’ or closure period
  • Cleaning chemicals – ensure the products used are fit for purpose and be able to provide the details of all cleaning products used.

Keep these records diligently and be able to provide them on request to Public Health Authorities.

Thank you all for your efforts and as always, please contact any member of the QHA staff for assistance.