Dear Members,

QHA President, Tom McGuire, QHA Board Members and the QHA Executive team have been advocating for an earlier commencement of Stage 3 trading to include more services and less restrictions. We have been representing your interests in meetings with Queensland’s Premier, Deputy Premier and Health Minister, the Chief Health Officer, and various Ministers and Commissioners across tourism, treasury, liquor licensing and the unions. Based on this engagement we are expecting a positive outcome and I look forward to providing you with further details as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please see the information in this edition regarding some Stage 2 trading updates and important information from our supportive QHA Partners to assist you in your preparations for increased trading.

As always, please contact the QHA staff for guidance and advice as we work towards the continued recovery of our industry and getting our valued staff back working and earning.

Cheers Bernie.


Bernie Hogan
QHA Chief Executive