Your business, customers and community could benefit from a coordinated approach to alcohol and gambling-related harm prevention.

Liquor accords aim to identify local issues like antisocial behaviour, alcohol-related crime and violence and gambling-related harm, then develop and adopt strategies to resolve these issues.

A key benefit of being in a liquor accord is the connections you’ll make with other licensees, relevant government agencies and local community organisations.

You can receive important updates, discuss common issues and share how to prevent or resolve issues in and around your venue.

Hervey Bay Liquor Accord Chairperson Janet Persal said that being in a liquor accord has been rewarding.

“It’s given me a chance to network with other venue managers, the community and police and liquor licensing, and all get on the same page of where we want to be,” Ms Persal said.

“The main achievements of our liquor accord in Hervey Bay are supporting each other, creating safe venues for our patrons, as well as creating a good communication channel, so we can all communicate clearly about any issues we’re having in the community.”

Watch a video of members explaining the benefits of liquor accords.

Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming Victoria Thomson asked licensees to remember that harm prevention is their obligation under liquor laws.

“Joining your local accord is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to harm prevention,” Ms Thomson said.

“All liquor accords help create a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons of local businesses and the community in general.”

Anyone associated with the liquor and gambling industry can attend a meeting or start their own. There are about 60 liquor accords operating in Queensland. Search for your local accord using OLGR’s interactive map.

If you don’t already have one in your local area, liquor accords are easy to set up and run. OLGR has developed a range of online resources to help you. You’ll also find harm-minimisation strategies you can adapt for use in your own area.

For more information, visit the liquor accord online guide or join in the conversation on the QLD liquor accord Facebook page.