Quantaco helping Australian hospitality businesses

With over a decade of experience, Quantaco combines bespoke technology and hospitality-focused expertise to deliver outstanding results to pub groups and restaurants.

Our unique advantage is derived from delivering value to the industry through a unique combination of industry experience, tailored technology and deep expertise in accounting, insurance, and finance.

Platform Services clients enjoy access to our team as part of an ongoing arrangement where we act as an extension of our client’s operation, providing complete accounting services, including payroll, supplier payments, and the timely and accurate production of management accounts.

This service is enabled through a purpose-built platform giving our clients access to a range of technology, all managed and maintained on their behalf, allowing them to focus on the front-of-house operations while we support them in the back.

Our Business Advisory team helps provide consulting services to clients, supporting businesses at any stage of their lifecycle. These strategic and supportive engagements leverage our broad involvement in the industry and leverage our years of experience.

With insurance, our singular focus on one industry ensures we are at the forefront of finding the most suitable deals and ensuring our clients receive the right cover at the right price in a collaborative and clear partnership.

Our finance experts working in Capital Advisory use their years of experience working with major lenders to navigate what can be a complex world to achieve the right outcome for our clients.