Like hospitality businesses, the future of Rohrig’s construction business has depended on quick and effective adaptation to a changed COVID-19 world.

The company is keen to share what it’s learnt over the past few months and to help venues comply with COVID-19 restrictions as safely and cost effectively as possible.

Rohrig’s Founder and Managing Director, Glenn Rohrig said his business has worked closely with the hospitality sector in Queensland for nearly 30 years and is ready to share COVID-19 experience. They can also help with any necessary structural modifications such as screens, partitions or new pedestrian flows through separate entrances and exits.

“We’ve been close partners with this industry for a long time and we genuinely want to support it through this difficult time,” Glenn said.

“In our business, we had to hit the ground running and develop a raft of staff and subcontractor procedures, as well as new processes to keep clients, visitors and the community safe. Much of that hard work can be easily adapted for the hospitality environment and we’re willing to share that.”

Ready to help

Rohrig’s skilled team is ready to move into action with a complete package of advice and structural modifications to make your venue safe and compliant.

They’ll also be considering flexibility to help you shift between changing venue capacity allowances over different stages of the return to normal.

Get in touch to find out more about how Rohrig can help you get ready to re-open and to maximise your potential business in a changed world. Contact National Business Development Manager John Demnar on 0419 763 213.