What’s next for your super?

Last weekend Queensland implemented Stage 1 of a three-stage plan to ease the state’s COVID-19 restrictions. For some QHA members, this has meant you can return to making your venues the hub of the community. We wish you all the best with this, and our team are looking forward to getting out and supporting our local businesses.

Once you do decide to resume business, you’ll no doubt need the admin side to go as smoothly as possible. You aren’t just hiring a new person but are instead bringing back an entire team. Intrust Super is here to help with this in any way we can.

Seamless admin

We’ve put steps in place to make the process of restarting super contributions seamless. It’s likely some of your staff have experienced financial hardship during the shutdown period and had to access some or all of their super under the COVID-19 early access provisions. We are working to ensure that you (or your staff) won’t need to create new Intrust Super accounts when work resumes. For any staff members that are not currently with Intrust Super, and need new accounts, you will be able to instantly create new accounts through our clearing house, SCH Online, when you process super payments.

Continued insurance cover

We’ve worked with our insurer to maintain insurance cover for members during the period they haven’t been working*. Subject to the terms of this arrangement, if any of your staff are Intrust Super members, have been stood down during the current crisis and are receiving JobKeeper payments, they will still be covered by our Income Protection insurance cover, PayGuard*. It’s also worth noting that Intrust Super’s insurance policies do not have any exclusions relating specifically to pandemics. You can find out more about continuity of cover and insurance in general on our website.

Getting staff’s super back on track

The financial impact of this challenging time will, for some, continue for many years. For those of your staff who have had to withdraw all or a portion of their super, it may take some time to get back on track. For many, this will be daunting, particularly given their day-to-day financial concerns. If their super balances are now low, or have been withdrawn completely, this could have an impact on their various types of insurance cover. It might also have far-reaching impacts on their future retirement outcomes.

There are a number of avenues available that could help staff catch up their super balance and maintain their insurance arrangements:

  1. Our contributions app, SuperCents, is a great way for your staff to grow their super even while they recover financially. The app will contribute the spare change from their everyday purchases straight to their super account. The process happens automatically, so they won’t even need to think about it.
  2. Making extra contributions could also help some eligible staff take advantage of Government incentives like the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset and the Government Co-contribution, to receive some extra money from the Government.
  3. Seeking financial advice through the financial advisers in our Intrust360° team can help get anyone from any age group get back on track financially during this unprecedented time.

Intrust Super would be happy to guide your staff through all the options that are available to them. It’s even more important that your staff take steps to improve their financial outcomes while this pandemic continues to affect the global economy.

At your service

We would love to help you and your staff get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Our Relationship Managers are available to answer your questions or help you with the transition back. They’re also available to help your staff develop strategies to get their super back on track. Please, whether you’re an existing Intrust Super client or not, visit our website and get in touch with a Relationship Manager, or email service@intrust.com.au. We are at your service.


*Specific terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the relevant Other Important Information: Insurance document on our website for further information about our Income Protection insurance.
The information contained in this document is of a general nature only, and does not take into account your individual financial situation, objectives and needs. You should consider the appropriateness of the general information having regard to your own situation before making any investment decision. For personal advice, please contact the Intrust360° financial advice team on 1300 001 360. A Product Disclosure Statement is available at www.intrust.com.au or call us on 132 467 for a copy.  Issued by IS Industry Fund Pty Ltd | MySuper Unique Identifier: 65704511371601 | ABN: 45 010 814 623 | AFSL No: 238051 | RSE Licence No: L0001298 | Intrust Super ABN 65 704 511 371 | SPIN/USI: HPP0100AU | RSE Registration No: R100439  Intrust360° is our financial planning business (its legal name is IS Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 64 143 707 439). It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of IS Industry Fund Pty Ltd ABN: 45 010 814 623. It’s also a corporate authorised representative of Link Advice Pty Limited ABN: 36 105 811 836 | AFSL: 258145 | Corporate Authorised Representative Number: 379207.