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Human resources policies that have previously only been made available as a part of the HR Manual are now available for individual purchase.

Policies are a common and useful tool that can be used by management to assist in achieving business goals through establishing the culture of an organisation while complying with legislative requirements. Policies are a statement of guidelines about how the organisation intends to manage employees and employee-related matters.

In order for these policies to be effective they should be tailored to your particular business needs. They should also be given to new employees on commencement of employment and QHA recommends training is conducted regularly for both managers and employees on each of the policies. These measures will seek to protect the employer’s interests and promote and foster understanding and compliance between the employer and employees.

The range of available policies are listed via the Policy Type drop down menu above. Select the policy or policies you wish to purchase for the prices of each policy to be added to the total.

Note: ‘QUANTITY’ above to the ‘Add to Cart’ button refers to one ‘set’ of the policies you have selected, it does not refer to how many policies you have chosen.

If you have any further questions or queries – please contact a member of the Employment Relations Department.

Note that this product may be subject to change as Award and other legislative provisions are amended. By purchasing this product it is important to be aware that updates to this product will not be automatically provided to you, and you will be required to purchase the product again.

Automatic updates are provided where the product has been purchased as part of the 2017-2019 HR Manual produced by the QHA only. The HR Manual is a cost effective option for ensuring your documentation/template and policies (as well as other contents of the HR Manual) are current for the life of the HR Manual edition.

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Anti-Discrimination Policy, Armed Robbery & Hold Up, Code of Conduct, Computer, Email & Internet Policy, Discipline & Termination Policy, Dress & Hygiene Policy, Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking Policy, First Aid Policy, Fitness for Duty Policy, Flexible Work Arrangements Policy, General Conduct Policies, Grievance & Dispute Settlement Policy, Inspection of Personal Belongings Policy, Lending Stock Policy, Rehabilitation Policy, Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy, Responsible Service of Gambling Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Training & Development Policy, Workplace Harassment and Bullying Policy, Work Health & Safety Policy, Applying for Leave, Government Paid Parental Leave Policy, Individual Flexibility Policy, Meal Break Policy, NES Unpaid Parental Leave Policy, Out-of-hours Conduct Policy, Social Media Policy