Award Covered Appointment Letter


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Letters of appointment should clearly outline the terms and conditions under which the employee has been employed. It is therefore essential that the content of these appointment letters is accurate and consistent with the provisions and entitlements of the relevant industrial instrument as may be applicable. To assist in employers in this area, pro-forma Appointment Letter Templates for permanent and casual award covered staff are available from the Employment Relations Department. The templates can take the hassle out of drafting contracts by ensuring you confirm the terms and conditions that apply to an employee’s employment.

Note that the templates in this kit may be subject to change as Award and other legislative provisions are amended. By purchasing this template it is important to be aware that updates to the templates will not be automatically provided to you, and you will be required to purchase the template kit again.

Automatic updates are provided where the template kit has been purchased as part of the 2021 HR Manual produced by the QHA only. The HR Manual is a cost effective option for ensuring your templates (as well as other contents of the HR Manual) are current for the life of the HR Manual edition.

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