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The QHA’s Human Resource (HR) Manual provides a “one stop” reference guide for all employment-related documents, including employment policies, employment contracts, position descriptions under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020, correspondence, discipline and termination letters and fact sheets and guides to aid internal decision making.

The HR Manual is regularly updated by the QHA’s Employment Relations team and is a valuable business resource for all hospitality employers.

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How the HR Manual works

Traditionally the HR Manual has run as editions, with members required to purchase a new edition each time it was released in order to receive regular updates (for the life of the edition).

In 2021 the HR Manual ceased being in edition format.

From 2021*, the HR Manual has been available to members to purchase as a stand-alone product. This is the HR Manual base product.

Where a member has purchased the HR Manual base product, they can then elect to receive updates to the HR Manual via an annual subscription service.

Subscription Service

Where a member has the HR Manual base product, members wanting to receive updates to HR Manual from the calendar year after purchasing the HR Manual base product can then elect to subscribe, on an annual basis – at only $75 inc GST per year.

As a HR Manual subscriber you receive all content updates to the base HR Manual in the calendar year period. The catch is that you need to be an HR Manual subscriber for each year after purchasing the HR Manual base product.

Example: for a member who purchased the HR Manual base product in April 2021, that purchase included all updates from the date of purchase until end of 2021. Subscription the HR Manual (to receive updates) is only necessary in 2022 and each year thereafter.

Is the HR Manual ONLINE?

No, it is not an online product / service.

The HR Manual is delivered via email only, in a format to allow easy saving to the workplace system.

Updates sent to subscribers are also emailed.

What if I don’t subscribe?

If you miss a subscription year, you will then need to purchase the HR Manual base product again.

For example, a member did not subscribe to HR Manual updates in 2022. In 2023 that member cannot simply subscribe for 2023 and get the benefit of the updates from 2022. The HR Manual base product must be purchased again.

* Members who purchased the HR Manual between 2017 and 2020 are recognised as having the base HR Manual product for annual subscription purposes. This is subject to subscribing each year from 2021. 

Why do I need the HR Manual?

The HR Manual has been created to meet the needs of the hospitality industry employers and their employees, and is designed for easy implementation into the hospitality sector.

All of the material is provided electronically so you can save it onto your system, ready to adapt and print out on your own company letterhead.


The Manual includes pro-forma policies including:
  • General HR policies to cover legal and operational requirements/obligations including Sexual Harassment, Anti-discrimination, Responsible Service of Gaming, Work Health and Safety as well as other legislatively driven expectations;
  • Employment Conduct Policies including Fitness for Duty, Computer, Email and Internet Use, General Conduct, Out of Hours Conduct, Discipline, Hold-ups or Robberies, Personal Presentation, and Social Media use;
  • Employee Entitlements Policies including Leave Entitlements, Meal Breaks, Training and Development, and Notice of Termination.
The Manual also contains template:
  • Award covered Appointment Letters (for employees covered by the Hospitality Industry (General) Award);
  • Warnings and Termination of Employment Letters;
  • Human Resources Forms including an Employment Application Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Employee Counselling Form, Leave Application Form and an Employee Grievance Form;
  • Position Descriptions for a wide variety of positions in the hotel award streams such as Food and Beverage, Cooking, Kitchen, Guest Services, Clerical, Security and Front Office.

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