June 18 2024: Venues Selling Tobacco Need to Apply for a Licence

June 18 2024: Venues Selling Tobacco Need to Apply for a Licence

As a retailer of smoking products, you must hold a smoking product supply licence from 1 September 2024. Without this licence you will be prohibited from supplying smoking products. Venues are encouraged to apply by 31 May 2024 to avoid processing delays. 

NOTE: There is no application or licence fee applicable for liquor licensed venues.

The required licence is called a ‘Retail (liquor) licence’

A retail (liquor) licence authorises you to sell smoking products to the public from a liquor licensed premises. Only a liquor licensee may apply for a retail (liquor) licence (which has no fees applicable – it is free of charge).

If you want to sell smoking products from more than 1 liquor licensed premises, you must apply and obtain a licence for each premises. This includes any detached bottle shops which sell tobacco products – you will need to make the (free) application for a licence for each outlet.

A copy of your liquor licence for the premises is required as part of the application process.

See the following link to application instructions – Retail (liquor) licence: https://www.publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/smoking-product-supplier-licensing-scheme/resource/96565274-bb38-4ca5-b4aa-37a253a119c2

Please contact the QHA if you have any questions on (07) 3221 6999.