A workplace incident may require formal investigation where the incident potentially breaches an industrial instrument or workplace policy. This is particularly the case where the alleged incident may result in disciplinary action against an employee or employees.

A fair and thorough investigation of workplace incidents will reduce the likelihood of industrial claims being made by employees, particularly where an employee complaint is not investigated properly or not at all. This may lead to employees lodging claims in external bodies, such as the Fair Work Commission or Queensland Human Rights Commission.

While an employer would be able to conduct an investigation internally, there is always the apprehension of bias by employees. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the investigation conducted by someone external to the employer's business.

The Employment Relations Department can conduct workplace investigations on behalf of employers. In order to conduct a workplace investigation, attendance at the workplace is not necessarily required. All relevant documentation can be provided to the investigator electronically or by mail and any interviews can be conducted by telephone. This saves an enormous amount of time and costs and also allows the investigation to be conducted at any workplace in Queensland with telephone access.

For the nominal hourly fee of $250.00* plus GST per hour, one of the QHA's Employment Relations experts can undertake the workplace investigation on your behalf.