The Employment Relations Department can assist with the calculation of Long Service Leave entitlements. To access this service, download and complete the Long Service Leave Calculation Request Form (pdf).

For more information about Long Service Leave entitlements and calculations download the Long Service Leave Fact Sheet (pdf).

Note: the calculation service is free to QHA hotel/venue members (limit of three per calendar year per venue and thereafter $99.00* per calculation). Corporate QHA members and Partners can also access the service for a fee of $99.00 per calculation. Non QHA member calculations are undertaken for $169.00 per calculation. Terms and conditions for long service leave calculations are contained in the request.

Full Time employees - entitlements

Long service leave entitlements are calculated based on the period of service an employee has completed. Full time employees are eligible for long service leave entitlement of 8.6667 weeks leave after 10 years continuous service. This long service leave entitlement was introduced as an amendment to the Industrial Relations Act effective from 3 June 2001. Depending on when the employee commenced employment and how many years service, if any, had been completed prior to 3 June 2001, a different formula is used to calculated the long service leave entitlement.

Regular Part Time & Casual Employees

The qualifying period for long service leave entitlements for casual or regular part time employees is the same as that for full time employees, however the number of hours leave due and the amount payable at that time will be determined by the reduced hours worked by the employee.

The number of hours leave to which a regular part time or casual employee is entitled, is calculated by dividing the total ordinary hours worked during the period of service by 52 and multiplying this amount by 0.86667.