21 May 2024: Flexi Play – Giving players a choice

21 May 2024: Flexi Play – Giving players a choice

As Hotels, we know that we need to play our part in ensuring that our gaming patrons have the option, if they need it, to manage their play so that gaming remains an enjoyable form of entertainment for people from all walks of life.

This is why we are pleased to see that Aristocrat Gaming recently launched a new version of their Flexi Play tool – which will be on all their games going forward. It’s their solution to give players the choice of managing their time and spend on gaming machines.

Aristocrat trialled Flexi Play on some of their games in high-profile QLD venues in the last few years and it didn’t have high usage, but for those that used it, it was an effective tool for helping them stay within their limits.

Plus, it’s good for your staff, as they now have something tangible to offer any customers who may need assistance.

How does it work:

It’s simple – at the bottom of the game screen there are a couple of icons (see image) that players have the choice to use:

  • Bank – to bank part of / all their winnings into a separate repository.
  • Timer – to set a reminder to keep track of their time and play session.

The benefits:

  • Gives players more choice in how they manage their gameplay.
  • Enables venues to demonstrate their commitment to player welfare, which increases customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  • Empowers venue staff to offer a tangible solution to players.

Aristocrat is also providing materials to help your staff and your players understand it:

  • In QLD for those installing Diamond Age, they will be sent flyers (with a display holder) for their players (you can access a PDF version here).
  • A brochure for your staff is also available with tips on how to speak to players about Flexi Play (click here to see it). Plus, they have a Flexi Play video too (click here to watch).

We support Flexi Play and Aristocrat’s efforts to help players and in providing a useful solution for our industry.

As your Association, we are here to support you in responding to societal expectations and ensure that your business thrives as a central part of your local community.