As we transition towards a more renewable future the way to procure energy has changed and for those that don’t move with the changes, it can be very costly.

The risk of future price volatility remains high as we continue to work towards an ambitious target requiring 50% of all electricity generation to come from intermittent renewable sources by 2030.

With no coherent national energy policy in place and additional Coal Fired generator closures, reduced plant output and a rising number of generation outages, we can expect high price volatility over the next 3-5 years.

NOTE: The above prices are wholesale and exclude retailer margins and premiums.



Considering these developments - what can you do? It is highly recommended that QHA members :

  • Review their energy contracts and have a procurement strategy in place.
  • For any electricity agreements expiring within the next three years, be prepared to enter into contracts from today.

Yes, that is right, we are buying 2027 electricity for our clients now!!

  • Taking proactive steps now will help secure favourable pricing and contract terms, ensuring the financial stability and smooth operations of your business.
  • Should you require any further assistance or guidance regarding energy procurement, strategy and contract negotiations, our team is here to support you.


We trust the above will encourage you to get your strategy in place.

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