18 June 2024: Campaign Announcement – ‘Join the Crew’

18 June 2024: Campaign Announcement – ‘Join the Crew’

A new ‘Join the Crew’ campaign has hit the market in Queensland, encouraging high school students, school leavers and young people to explore a career in Queensland’s thriving tourism industry by showcasing its exciting and rewarding opportunities through a series of videos in the format of current TikTok trend – ‘Day in the life’

Backed by the Australian Government, the Queensland Government and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, this initiative not only aims to meet immediate workforce needs but also to foster long-term sustainable growth in the sector.

The campaign directs audiences to a new Queensland Tourism Careers website, which showcases the huge variety of career options available in the industry.

You might see our hero “Day in the life” campaign videos across social media, featuring five young people from across the tourism industry, each with their unique experiences: 

Help us spread the word! Download the assets, share across your channels and show the world the exciting, rewarding, and flexible career opportunities available in Queensland ‘s tourism industry.