Pubs, Bubs, Playgrounds, and Profit.

It’s not often that pubs and bubs are seen in the same sentence. But add playgrounds and profit into the mix, and you are brewing a winning combination. By integrating play areas into hotels, pubs, and restaurants businesses can encourage longer visits, boost profits, and create new business prospects. Incorporating a play space creates a family-friendly atmosphere, making parents feel welcome and encouraging them to visit and stay longer. These play areas provide a safe and exciting environment for children to engage in play while their parents relax, dine and socialise.

The Bribie Island Hotel strategically revamped its playground to position itself as a family destination with Seniors Operations Manager, Anthony Robertson, stating that it’s really the kids that determine where you go out for a meal.

“The playground along with an awesome family-friendly menu and regular kids activities, cements us as a family-friendly pub. Parents are able to enjoy a meal while their kids play and come back week after week. ‘ Said Mr. Robertson.

Venues that prioritise spaces for the whole family become popular destinations for hosting parties and family functions with the enhanced customer experience resulting in extended stays and increase spending. However, to maximise their investment, venues must recognise that not all playgrounds are created equal.

When designing a playground, it is essential to prioritise the selection of playground equipment that offers abundant play value and is constructed using durable, high-quality materials. By opting for such equipment, venues can ensure that children are consistently entertained, allowing parents to relax, while also fostering a strong desire for them to return. Additionally, play equipment made with high-quality materials provides long-lasting enjoyment for generations, surpassing the mere few years of typical equipment lifespan.

Shearers Arms Tavern on the Gold Coast has refreshed its play space and is reaping the rewards. The playground has been warmly embraced by families and local patrons alike, with the venue now hosting birthday parties and family-friendly events to broaden its market.

“Our new playground has transformed the Shearers Arms Tavern from a pub into a family-friendly establishment. We now have regular families visiting who have lived in Ormeau for 10 years and never stepped foot in the venue before. Everyone has commented on what a great addition it has been to the area and parents have been enjoying a meal outside while they watch the kids play.” Said Owner, Matt Coorey.

Through the provision of high-quality, innovative playgrounds pubs and hotels can increase their profits and unlock new business opportunities such as hosting memorable birthday parties, family gatherings, and special entertainment events. Furthermore, a well-designed playground becomes a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from neighbouring venues, leading to positive word-of-mouth and attracting even more families to the venue's doors.


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