The Palaszczuk Government is expanding the successful appliance cashback scheme to small and medium sized businesses!

That means the 450,000 Queensland small to medium sized businesses are eligible to apply for upto $12,500 cashback for energy-efficient equipment.

The $16 million Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation (QBEST) program will open tomorrow, offering upto 50% of the cost of the installation of new energy efficient equipment so Queensland businesses can benefit from cheaper and cleaner electricity.

Rebates can be claimed for:

  • Eligible consumer appliances – 4-star energy rating or better
  • energy efficient commercial refrigerator or freezer (e.g. walk-in refrigerator, refrigerated display case, refrigerated vending machine)
  • an electronically commutated fan motor if the installation is to replace another type of fan motor
  • LED lighting
  • a motion sensor, light level sensor or timer for lighting appliance
  • a motor classified in the IE3 or IE4 category under the IEC standard, if the installation is to replace the EI1 or EI2 category under this standard
  • a variable-speed air compressor
  • a variable-speed chiller if the installation is to replace a fixed-drive chiller
  • a variable-speed drive unit for a pump or fan.

These rebates are a vital part of Queensland’s Energy and Jobs plan, which is the state’s blueprint for future of cheaper and cleaner energy.

Applications for the rebates will open 9am Thursday 5th October.

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