14 November 2023: Queensland’s First Digital License Has Arrived

14 November 2023: Queensland’s First Digital License Has Arrived

Licensees need to be aware that the Queensland driver licence, recreational marine licence, or photo identification card, is now available on patrons’ mobile devices.

With legislation and regulatory amendments passed in 2020, the Digital Licence is legally equivalent to the physical cards under Queensland law. The Digital Licence is optional and opt-in, with Queenslanders continuing to be sent physical cards.

After successful trials in the Fraser Coast and Townsville regions, the Digital Licence is expected to be released across Queensland in coming weeks.

The digital licence can be visually verified with a range of security measures built into the app.

If you check or verify licences as part of your business, a Digital Licence Verifier app is also available should you wish to use it. The Verifier app allows businesses to further validate their customers’ information by scanning the Digital Licence QR code. This is not mandatory; however will assist should you believe the Digital Licence presented may be invalid.

Both the Digital Licence and Digital Licence Verifier apps are free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play app stores at any time once they are released statewide – just search Queensland Digital Licence or Queensland Digital Licence Verifier app.

If you operate an approved ID scanner linked to an approved ID scanning system, your ID scanner will also be able to recognise and verify the Queensland Digital Licence.

You can find out everything you need to know to download, onboard and use the app, including ‘How-to’ videos, on the Digital Licence website. The website also contains a dedicated section for business where you can download posters to help your staff recognise a legitimate Digital Licence as well as promote to your customers that your venue accepts the Digital Licence.

If you have any queries around integrating the Digital Licence into your business processes, please contact the Digital Licence Program team at digitallicence@tmr.qld.gov.au.