Queensland Keno players will now have the game they know and love in the palm of their hand with the launch of the Keno App in June.

In the wake of the launch of the hugely popular Keno Live Draw online to Queenslanders, Keno has launched its Keno App in the state.

The app is another technical advancement for Queensland hotels and their patrons, creating a more exciting and seamless playing experience in 2023 and beyond.

Over the past ten years, technological advancements, centred around convenience and ease of play, have transformed how customers engage with lottery style games. And the Keno App is another significant step in enriching the customers’ journey.

The Keno App delivers all the features players have come to enjoy online in the convenience of an app, with the added benefit of push notifications about jackpots as they are growing, so they never miss out.

Players will also be able to watch live game draws and check draw results using the app from any location in venues, giving them more freedom to move around, or stay seated where they can’t see a Keno screen.

“The Keno App means the game can go with your customers anywhere in your hotel,” says Paul Malek, Keno’s General Manager of Licensed Venue Operations.

“Instead of only one pathway to accessing the Keno game draw, there will now be a number of ways for customers to experience the game.

“And they will have the ability to experience it in every part of the venue, whether that’s the bar, bistro, or gaming room, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of watching the numbers come up.

“While players still need to buy their Keno ticket through a terminal in their favourite venue, it’s all about enhancing the player experience in-venue and the excitement of playing, by making it more convenient and seamless.”

Features include push notifications and effects and separate jackpots, live draw, and check results screens.

Other app features will help players decide what to play, learn how to play, choose their favourite numbers, as well as view hot and cold numbers, watch trends, and find a Keno venue in which to buy their ticket.

“Keno has been providing Queensland hotels with a valuable entertainment offering for more than 25 years, giving customers the chance to win life-changing, multi-million-dollar jackpots and instant-enriching cash prizes every few minutes,” says Mr Malek.

“We are excited to be launching the app in Queensland to continue the growth of the game and the app takes us one step closer to the digital age of Keno in the state.”

Point of Sale marketing will focus on three key messages: Know if you’re a winner, without leaving your seat. Check draw results instantly with the official Keno app; Never miss a growing Jackpot! Get notified when jackpots are bigger with the official Keno app; Can’t see the Keno screen? Watch the live draw with the official Keno app.

Point of Sale marketing materials will be available on Keno Connect and include digital assets and printed materials to encourage players to download the app and play in your venue.

To find out more about the Keno App and how Keno can support your hotel in 2023, contact your Keno Sales Executive today.