Running over November, Mateship Month aims to ‘inspire and remind’ punters to be good mates through a series of content and competitions, including a ‘year of beer’ giveaway.

Your Mates co-founder and CEO, Matt Hepburn, believes this message is ‘incredibly important’ at this time of the year when ‘life starts to pick up pace’.

“The silly season can be a pretty full on time of the year and it’s easy to forget to slow down and look after yourself and your mates,” he said.

“The beers and good times are flowing which is epic, but financial pressure and time constraints also increase for most people.”

Our goal for Mateship Month is to remind our community to check on themselves and their mates, to make sure they’re looking after their mental and physical health.”

Christen Mcgarry, Your Mates’ other co-founder and Head of Production, hopes the campaign will help ‘anyone who sees it’.

“Mateship Month is for everyone,” he said.

“The content and competitions are a fun, lighthearted way to communicate a really important message.”

“We have a series of videos launching that demonstrate some classic examples of being a good mate. Like keeping your mates sun safe, showering them in positivity and a few others we won’t spoil just yet,” he said.

“We’re also giving away a year of beer, which has been going absolutely nuts and has really helped us get the mateship message out there.”

Mr Mcgarry said the winner will be drawn at the end of the month and they’ll hand over the beer haul ‘on one condition’.

“The winner must share the spoils with their mates!”

For further information please contact:

Lachie Finch -Your Mates Brewing Co.
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