From 1 July 2021 your accident insurance policy with WorkCover Queensland is open for wage declarations and renewal. This year our industry premium rates (WorkCover Industry Classification: Accommodation and Pubs, Taverns and Bars) have dropped slightly from last year.

The finalised premium rates for FY 2021–2022 as published in the Queensland Government Gazette (25 June 2021) are as follows:

  • The premium rate for 440008 Accommodation venues is $1.92 for every $100.00 paid in wages (less than last year).
  • The premium rate for 452002 Pubs, Taverns and Bars is $1.67 for every $100.00 paid in wages (less than last year).

Note: Member’s individual premium rate will of course be affected by any increases or decreases in payroll and business claims performance.

Some key dates are:

  • 31 August – wage declarations
  • 16 September – if you pay in full by this date and your wages were declared on time, you’ll get a 5% discount on your premium.
  • 30 September – your full premium payment is due by this date.