OLGR is seeking the support of hotels across Queensland to help raise awareness of the risks of supplying alcohol to under 18s by promoting the ‘What are you really buying them?’ campaign.

Research has shown us that up to 1 in 5 under 18s are victims of alcohol-related incidents.

Your venue is in a unique position to help reduce this statistic by raising awareness of the potential risks associated with supplying alcohol to minors, including harm from risk-taking behaviour and violence. The minors could also be fined $400 for possessing alcohol.

If you have received campaign materials it would be greatly appreciated if you could display them during November as school leavers look to celebrate the end of a challenging year, graduation and the next chapter of their lives. You can also download and display this year’s campaign poster from the Business Queensland website.

If you have digital displays in-venue, an LCD image is also available for download.

Alternatively, you can help spread this message by sharing OLGR’s Facebook posts.

Further information on the campaign can be viewed at www.qld.gov.au/alcoholandunder18s.

Any support you can provide to help patrons ‘think before supplying the drink’ to under 18s is greatly appreciated.