In my 25 years at OLGR, I haven’t witnessed a tougher time for the industry than what we’re experiencing now. 

I have been so impressed at how amendable, cooperative and patient licensees have been during this stressful time.  On behalf on the OLGR team, I congratulate you on your efforts to work in line with the new restrictions and find new ways of operating, not only to support yourself, but those around you. 

While this isn’t over just yet, please know that our teams have been and will continue to work around the clock to help businesses continue to operate in some capacity. 

Measures that have been put in place to assist licensees or enable them to operate include: 

  • Queensland Government’s  $4B COVID-19 economic relief package  which waives 2020–21 liquor licencing fees on licence renewals and provides payroll tax relief, funds for re-training and job-matching, and a $500 rebate on electricity bills. 
  • Opening attached and detached bottle shops despite a main venue being closed. This applies only to licensees with the authority for takeaway sales. 
  • Licensees with Commercial other (bar) licences can sell takeaway alcohol, including for delivery, provided the alcohol is pre-packaged and a maximum of 2.25 litres of liquor (total volume) is sold per transaction, including a 750ml limit on distilled spirits within the total volume of any transaction. 
  • Community clubs and hotels can provide takeaway food and alcohol but it cannot be consumed inside or adjacent to the venue. Pubs can also operate takeaway liquor sale areas that are detached from the licensed venue, or within or attached to the licensed venue. 
  • Licensed restaurants and cafes holding a current liquor licence that sell takeaway food can supply takeaway alcohol or delivery, provided the alcohol is supplied in conjunction with a takeaway food order, they follow the quantity limits and the alcohol is pre-packaged. 
  • Craft brewers or artisanal distillers who hold a producer/wholesaler licence, are permitted to sell take-home liquor produced on their licensed premises (subject to conditions). 

It’s important that you read and become familiar with the measures and conditions that apply to you 

I would like to thank my colleagues at OLGR who have been working extremely hard to ensure licensees are aware of the changes as they arise and provide as much support as possible.  It certainly is a unique environment that we are all operating in, and again I thank you for working with us to ensure the health and wellbeing of our communities.  

As new information becomes available we are publishing this on the Business Queensland website as well as sharing the information on social media, with Facebook our main social network for communication.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe to our emails as we distribute industry information regularly.   

We understand that the future is uncertain and still a scary one for many of you. Please know that OLGR is committed to supporting you and when the times comes, we will be ready to help you rebuild and get you back on your feet.   

If there are ways you think we can assist you to return to normal operations when the time is right, then please let us know. We are always open to hearing your ideas, suggestions, and ways in which we can best support you.   

For example, we had a request for signage on social distancing, which is now available to download. We were able to create this quickly and I know it was appreciated by many licensees operating in challenging conditions. 

If you would like to put forward an idea on how we can help or need advice, then I encourage you to get in touch with our teams.  

Liquor & Gaming Licensing: or phone 1300 072 322 

Liquor Compliance:  

Gaming Compliance:  

General phone number: 13 QGOV and ask to speak to an OLGR representative. 

Social media:  

Please be aware that OLGR’s Compliance officers will continue to work closely with the Queensland Police Service to ensure compliance with current restrictions. Overall, it has been very reassuring to see people doing the right thing and doing their best under tough circumstances. 

I look forward to visiting your establishments again to see how you’re operating, in the near future.