Contactless Mobile Ordering - Order & Pay from the table by Uorda

Contactless - Allow customers to place and pay for their orders directly through their own phone

Consistent Up selling - Provide suggestions and add ons for every single time your customers place their order

Reduce Lines - Prevent customers from crowding too close together at the bar whilst they wait to order. Increase overall orders whilst making the ordering process easier and more efficient

Not an App - Easy to access via scanning a QR code. No need to worry about extra marketing expenses involved in prompting customers to download an app

Who is Uorda We are a Brisbane based hospitality solutions company that have a simple vision "to help hospitality venues better connect with their customers. "We've noticed a big problem in the industry which is the disconnect between venues and customers once customers have left the venue. We believe our platform can help venues provide their customers with a better in-venue experience and better engage with them once they've left to go home.

Customer Data - The big problem we have found is that right now when your customers leave your venue, there is no way to stay in touch and encourage them to return. Uorda provides you with customer insights and data so that your marketing efforts are targeted specifically to your past and previous customer base for better conversions

Customer Experience - No one enjoys waiting in line or missing the sport on TV whilst waiting to place an order. We all like socialising with our friends and watching the big events on the big screen from our table! This is why Uorda provides an Order@Table service to provide a more fun, enjoyable in-venue experience for your customers