To date, subsidiary on premises (accommodation) liquor licensees have not as a category been given a concession to sell take-away liquor. However, based on QHA representation and recognising that a proportion of accommodation licensees have, as part of the licensed premises, restaurants that normally service members of the general public, OLGR has considered that in these instances the subsidiary on premises meals (restaurant) concessions are able to be applied via application.

This means that QHA Accommodation Members with restaurants that fit the above criteria can apply to OLGR for approval to sell takeaway liquor with takeaway meals, within the following limits:

Subsidiary on-premises licence (restaurant) Provide takeaway alcohol together with a takeaway food order

Takeaway alcohol can only consist of packaged beer (bottled or canned), wine, cider and ready-to-drink beverages, such as premixed spirits. A maximum of 2.25 litres of liquor (total volume) can only be sold per transaction


Any QHA Member who wishes to apply for this approval should email:


To assist OLGR assessment as to whether the requesting licensees genuinely run a restaurant style facility on the licensed premises in non-COVID times, and to get a quick response, it would assist if the following detail is included in the email request:


  • Licence Number
  • Name of Premises
  • Location (town/suburb) – will help in quickly flicking the email to the relevant regional office for local knowledge advice where necessary
  • Very short description of the pre-COVID restaurant style offering of the licensee including approx. number of sit down meals provided to members of the general public per week
  • Description of present take-away meal offering (e.g. copy/photo of or link to menu)