From September, Tabcorp will be introducing new Tabcorp Operator Identification (ID) Numbers for TAB operators across the retail network.
If you are either trained in using TAB equipment or have been nominated to complete mandatory training, you will soon receive your own unique Tabcorp Operator ID Number. Your number will be valid across different licensed venues and agencies where you work throughout the TAB network, including in different states.
The Tabcorp Operator ID Number will remain with you for as long as you remain a TAB operator, including if you take periods of leave or change employers. The number will also make it easier for you to identify yourself when you call Tabcorp’s SSC, or to verify your training status. 
Operators won’t need to apply for a Tabcorp Operator ID Number – they will be distributed directly to managers and operators via Tabcorp’s communication channels.
Look out for further information on Tabcorp’s MyTab platform or speak to your Tabcorp wagering sales executive if you require any assistance.