Tabcorp are embarking on an exciting new project, across all brands, to improve the customer experience through upgraded communications equipment.  The change will see the installation of a new router and upgrades to Tabcorp’s internet services which will significantly improve your TAB, MAX, Lotteries and Keno (as applicable) system performance, including increasing bandwidth and improving network stability. The roll-out is anticipated to take between 18 and 24 months and commenced late 2019.

The project is still in the early stages, having completed deployments to 35 venues so far.  Please be aware that your venue (if you have not already) will be visited by Tabcorp representatives to undertake a number of activities to support this project.  There will be no requirement for the network to be off-line for the first 3 activities.

  1. Initial Site Assessment – a MAX technician will visit to assess the work that needs to be undertaken. This will include a visual inspection only (taking approximately 15 minutes) to identify where the network communications equipment is located and whether cable remediation work may be required. MAX will undertake this initial assessment when they are visiting as part of other routine or problem rectification activities.
  2. From the findings of the initial site assessment, if a more detailed assessment is required, Tabcorp will schedule:
    • Site Audit - an additional visit by an Alliance SI technician to confirm if cable remediation work is required.
    • Cable Remediation - a suitable time for the cable remediation work to be undertaken by the Alliance SI technician.
  3. Improve Internet Services – Tabcorp will schedule Telstra / NBN appointments  to upgrade the Tabcorp internet services prior to the installation of the new router.
  4. Install the new router - a suitable date will be organised to install the new router and connect to the upgraded internet services by a MAX technician.

The MAX and Alliance SI technicians will provide a copy of a Letter of Authority to show that they are authorised to enter your venue as a representative of Tabcorp. Telstra and NBN representatives will also have identification from their respective organisations.  All visitors will follow local venue access protocols.

Please review the Retail Advice on MyTab for more information about the project, or reach out to your TAB Wagering Sales Executive for assistance.

If you have any questions about the upgrade to your communications equipment, please contact the Tabcorp team at