TAB’s Re-opening Checklist has now been sent to all venues in Queensland (It was delayed last night).  If any of your venues did not receive this please send them the link below.


Venues that fail to fill in the checklist and completing all sections and requirements venues will not have their wagering activated once TAB has appropriate QLD State Government approval (which we are hopeful of shortly).   Each and every TAB venue must undertake this.  AML/CTF training for all TAB staff will be need to be completed and will be checked against those existing lists also prior to being turned on.

Sky Channel

On re-opening TAB’s in much of the NSW network this week, some found issues when they went to restart their Sky Channel in venue.

This caused a log jam of requests at the Sky Channel Help Desk and in some instances an inability to show Sky upon re-opening.  In order to avoid issues at the time of re-opening I strongly suggest all venues turn on and test Sky Channel as soon as possible.

If there is issue please contact the Sky Channel Help Desk on 1800 251 710.

TAB field team (QLD)

All TAB field team members in Queensland are now back at work and aiming to engage with all venues with a view to re-opening them well able.  Please have any of your venues reach out to them should they need assistance.