28 July 2020

Licensed venue fee arrangement for August 2020.

Dear Venue Partner,

Now more than ever, TAB is committed to supporting the industry through this period and following the reopening of wagering facilities in licensed venues across Australia, we wanted to provide an update on TAB and SKY’s interim commercial arrangements.

From Thursday 30 July 2020, TAB and SKY will implement the following for the August billing period for each venue (where not under common ownership) or collectively for all venues (where under common ownership):

  • Payments due to Tabcorp – reduce all TAB and SKY charges to 50% of standard charges, including TAB equipment rental and SKY vision charges (i.e. venues will pay 50% of the standard charges);
  • Payment due to venues – reduce all of TAB and SKY’s payment obligations to 50% of the standard fees, including fixed and variable fees (including commissions) (i.e. venues will receive 50% of their standard fees and commissions).

Venues will remain opted into the interim commercial model for August, however, should you wish to revert to the standard commercial arrangements set out in your licensed venue agreement with us, please provide that request in writing to your Wagering Sales Executive.

All of the retail wagering team, although working remotely, are now available. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to your Wagering Sales Executive via phone or email. Alternatively, you can contact us via email -  tabteam@tabcorp.com.au .

We look forward to working together through the next phase of reopening.

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